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How to discover what you are meant to do

God will Help You Discover Your Purpose

Until the day I asked and sincerely wanted Him to come into my heart and save me, I never even thought of what my purpose was in life. I only lived for the satisfaction each day provided.

My life story prior to God has been one of trauma, desperation, loss. Sometimes I found myself overcome with despair. I just had no idea of life and did not know where, what or when. The purpose of life and especially my life was a block of unrelenting confusion. In other words, I was a lost soul; seeking.

Later in life, when age and each number increased whether I wanted it to or not, life seemed to continuously make me feel older . Time kept moving whether I wanted it to or not,. Yet, life seemed to become more peaceful and calm. The turmoil and disorganization in everything I did seemed to begin to become clearer. I could see a small light shining from miles in the distance. But, there was still a question as to why I was here.

Then one day, I realized something was missing. My life was incomplete. Nothing accomplished made me ‘happy’. No matter what I bought, built, completed or did; nothing made me feel complete. With each experience, which I felt should have brought me happiness, there was none? There was message in my mind that seemed to be constant. Each day I heard, “There has to be more to life than this.”

Sure, there were times when I laughed, but I was not happy. There was no joy. I felt that something was missing. There was only an emptiness.

Then one day I discovered that my husband was cheating. My life seemed to be turning more into a soap opera instead of the happy one so many of us seek. I found myself so hurt and humiliated by his deception, that the thought of suicide came into my mind. No, I never considered committing suicide., it just seemed to be in my mind. The fact I had children to live for was far greater than the hurt. I was experiencing. However, the hurt was so intense that I began to understand why some would think of suicide as a means to stop their pain.

The hurt and humiliation was so strong, I felt as though sometimes my heart was breaking. When reading of others taking their life, I often wondered “what could be so horrible to make someone take their life.” Another question was ‘Why is it that some do not understand as long as life is in your body and you can take another breath, there is always an opportunity to restore, repair or replace with each new day? But when death sneaks in and you take your final breath, there is no second chance. Death is final! Life is over! There is and never again will be an opportunity to heal or undo the damage done!

The fact that the man I loved had stood before God and confessed his undying love and devotion to me made me just question how could he hurt me so! How could he do something like lie down with another woman caused me an unthinkable amount of pain. The damage and hurt penetrated my every vein. The hurt delved deep into my heart.

However, there was a bright side. It took the deception of my mate to make me turn my life over to the Lord completely. It took that hurt to make me seek from God what He wanted in my life. I then wanted Him to direct my path.

I always had the ability to write. No, I do not mean penmanship. I mean in high school, my English instructor told me to consider Journalism as a career. He stated that I had the ability to place my thoughts on paper in such a manner that most people could identify with what I wrote.

After the hurt began to diminish a bit, I began to remember what my mother always said while we were children. I remember the information she drilled in us daily about the Savior, Christ Jesus. I began to see my mother down on her knees each morning and evening, praying. I remembered my mother stating that God had a purpose for each one of us.

My mother stated that in God’s amazing design, a message was imbedded in us when we were born. Our goal should be to find that message and fulfill the guidance the Lord provided. The message God gives provides us with our guide to what He wants us to do in our life to further His kingdom.

Some are fortunate that when they are born, they know exactly what the purpose on their life is. They know the gift God has given them to reach and fulfill His purpose. Others are not as fortunate. For whatever the reason, some of us have taken the wrong road and found ourselves lost, misguided and redirected from His will on our lives.

For those of us who have somehow transitioned off the steady path to reach our destiny, there are ways to regain our focus and direct our lives back onto the right path. There are ways to return to the path God provides and ultimately we will fulfill His destiny.

Return To God

Life has it difficulties. There are days when you simply feel like giving up. Yet, there are days when you wake up and it seems just looking up and peering into the heavens is awesome. The feeling you experience when seeing the birds, the flowers and even the sky is exhilarating. You feel that you can accomplish anything and everything. Those are the days you have allowed God to walk with you. We have to remember that God never leaves us. This life and everything we face sometimes makes us leave God. Remember He is always just a word away. God wants you to talk to Him. His ear is always waiting to hear you say ‘God I love you, and I need you’. To God, these words are sweeter than the honey from the beehive. God is listening and waiting even yearning to hear you, His child, ask Him to help you.

Can you recall how it feels when your little one places his or her arms around your neck and just love on you? The feeling that you experience is beyond anything ever felt. No matter what your child has done or is doing, that hug seems to melt all the anger or hurt away. They can do anything or ask for anything at that moment and you will do your best to make them happy. Our God feels that same way. He loved us so much that He gave His one and only son to save us. When God looked down and saw what His son had to experience here on earth, He felt His heart wrenching. Do you realize how hard it was for God to ignore the pain and hurt His son Jesus was experiencing here? However, because He loved us, He allowed His son to go through every minute of pain to save us. Had Jesus not given His life for us, death would be final. There would be no everlasting life.

God could have, within a split second, taken His Son away from the pain, anger and degradation He experienced. He did this; He allowed this because He wanted you to be saved from the death Satan has planned for our lives and for our death. Return to God and He will show you without a doubt what your purpose is here.

What Makes You Think Of God

When you have taken the step and returned to God, He will direct your path. Some of us think of God just about every minute of the day. When we get out of bed each morning our first though is of God. Then some look up into the sky and see Him. They do not just see a blue sky. They look up and see the glory and wonder of the Lord. They look up and are amazed at the blue sky. The fact that the heavens are no where to be seen, yet beyond the blue is a multitude of planets, stars and awesomely amazing wonders that man cannot fathom. The heavens and its wonders are amazing.

Some know that encircling the sun at a rate no man can imagine is only possible by God. Others will if not while living, one day see the amazing creations of God. God’s children can see Him in a bird. His children are amazed at the stunning beauty of some of God’s creatures. The brilliant colors and deeps hues of nature are breathtaking. When His children see these colors and creatures, they think of God.

Do you ever think of God? Do you ask Him why some little creatures were created to fly through the sky while others roam the land? When you see a baby, do you feel the miracle of life and wonder about the greatness of God and His creations? If you can see God in everything, then you realize your purpose is to draw others closer to Him. What makes you think of Him and then when thinking of Him what do you have the ability to do that can glorify Him? Remember, everything God gives us is given to further His kingdom. In everything, we should consider God and how everything can be used to bring other souls to seek Him and His Kingdom.

Ask God To Help You Know and Understand Your Purpose

Do you know God is sitting on His throne waiting for you to ask Him for everything? The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:7 to “Ask, and it shall be given to you seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Do you know that all you have to do is ask God for whatever you want and if it is in His will, you shall have it? It’s that simple. All you have to do is ask the Father and He will give you what your heart desires. If your purpose in life is to do whatever is pleasing in God’s eyesight, He will give it to you.

The amazing thing is that people simply do not believe it is that easy. In condensed version, Jesus tells us in John 15, 4 -7 that “He who abides in Me and Me in Him if you ask anything in my name it shall be done. This means, that when you ask the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and save you, God begins to mold you to His standards. He does not just come into your life without invitation. Every man born of a woman has been given ‘Free Will”. God will not control your life. He allows you to control your life. Therefore, He is not a dictator. He waits for you to invite Him into your life. When you take the step to invite Him in, He begins to change you.

This change is not overnight. It takes time for you to be cleansed of those things, thoughts and deeds you acquired over whatever number of years before asking Him in. However, immediately upon invitation, He begins a new work in you. He cleanses your heart so He can come in and change you. You see there is an order to Gods will in our lives. We must abide by His order. If He is not invited, He will not take up residency. When invited, you must genuinely want Him to come into your heart and remain there.

When the invitation is made, God begins to remove all those things that have died and rotted inside of us. He removes those things and then begins to cleanse you. During the cleansing process, he is also setting up little areas that will be like shelves in your heart. On each shelf is a desire. He guides your desires to accomplish His will. Those desires will come to fruition by the formulation of a plan. In that plan, you want to do nothing that will take you away from His will. So then, your thoughts and desires will be guided towards the Lord and not towards the flesh.

The Bible tells us He will give you the desires of your heart: Not the flesh, but of your heart. So, when you turn your life over to Him, ask Him to come into your life and save you, then you can ask and it will be given.

In John 15: 4-7, Jesus tells us; He (God) who abides in Me and I (Jesus) in Him, if you ask anything in My name (In the name of Jesus) it shall be done. God will not grant you a wish if that wish is not based on His will. He will however grant you anything you ask when it is asked based on His will and through His son Jesus.

Therefore, if you ask God, through His Son Jesus to help you to know or reveal your purpose, He will do it. As long as you are abiding by the Lord’s will and working to further His Kingdom, God is right there working with you and granting you the desires you never even realized you had.

God is just waiting for His children to seek Him. In everything, you do remember our Father in Heaven loves you. He is your maker. He is your creator. He is the Father you had before you were even a seed in your mothers womb. You felt loved when your mother held you. You felt a sense of security when your earthly father took you hand and walked with you. There was never any doubt as to whether you were safe or loved by your parents. That love is only a minimal version of what God’s love and security can offer you.

Begin today to seek His purpose in your life and by His will, your purpose will be revealed to you.

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