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How to Become Famous

What is being famous?

Becoming famous is the dream of many people around the world. Whether it is political fame or becoming a pop star, the idea of being famous is one that is commonly shared. So what does it mean to be famous? Being famous means that you are widely known and recognized for something you’ve done (Steven Spielberg for his directing career) or something you didn’t do (Rosa Parks for refusing to give up her seat on the bus). There are many ways to achieve fame and recognition. It is important to first figure out what your talents are and expand from there. It will be easier to become known for something that comes natural to you so that you can still be who you are.

Visualize your success

In order to obtain fame, you must first visualize it. You have to be able to picture yourself walking down the red carpet or accepting a Nobel Prize award. There is a theory behind consistent visualization that states that if you put out your wants and desires out into the universe, you will be likely to receive exactly what you want. The universe is made up of energy and so are you. Energy is in everything around you. Therefore, if you continue to send out positive energy and thoughts into the universe regarding your wants and desires, you will be able to have the world work with you instead of against you. According to The Secret, people who sit and wallow in their misfortune will only attract more of that same misfortune. Negative energy attracts only more negative energy. In order to start making your life work for you, think positive and wrap yourself up only in positive energies.

Figure out what you are good at

To begin your road to discovery and distinction, you must first figure out what you want to be known for. Take the time to review the things that you are passionate about. Write a list of all of your interests, hobbies, talents. From that list, figure out what your natural passions are. These are the things that you already naturally love to do. A lot of people have no idea that they already have passions. They go around trying to make themselves passionate about something when all along, they have been doing what they love the whole time. So how do you know? Well some of the most complex answers to life are staring you right in the face. If you find yourself rushing home from work to catch your favorite cooking show, and you are always studying cookbooks on your lunch breaks and you can’t seem to stop testing new recipes in your spare time, then you just might be in love with cooking. If you find yourself singing all the time, everywhere you go, then you might just love singing. All you have to do is step back and take a good look at what you tend to naturally do without a second thought. If you believe that you have any potential in making this a career, then you should begin to pursue it. All you need to start off is passion and a plan.

You have free will over your life

We all have the free will to do anything that we want. This means that you actually can do anything that you wanted to. The reason why we don’t just do anything we want is because there are rules created to keep order from potential chaos. Due to rules, societal pressures, family obligations, upbringings and any other form of human control, we as people forget that we are actually in complete control of our lives. Some people believe that your life is already predetermined and that nothing you do will change the final outcome of your existence. Whether this is your belief or not, at this point in your life, at this very second you are in control of every action that you make. Although we are in control, there are reactions to our actions. When you are programmed to fear possible reactions and consequences to certain acts of behavior, then you lose some of your ability to believe that you are still actually believe that you will always be in control.

With this being said, it is necessary to point out that you have the power to make anything happen in your life. It might appear that you are in the hands of the rest of the world’s mercy. But this is not the case. The people who are successful and famous, are the ones who do not let life control them. They learn how to control life. If you think about it, we were all born with clear minds and the potential to do anything. It is when you get dipped into society and programmed to think and behave a certain way. You have to reprogram your mind to act under your free will. Not the concept of free will to inject chaos and disorder to civilization, but the free will to create your own success and fortune. You technically have the potential to do anything you want to do. You just might have forgotten that a long time ago. Now is the time to remember.

Dreams vs. Reality

What is the difference between our dreams and reality? Well for starters, one takes place when we are awake and the other, when we are asleep. Some people actually have dreams where they believe that they are awake but they are still asleep. If you were to ever have one of those dreams, the one where you think you are asleep but you are awake, wouldn’t it be nice to be aware of your current dream state? If you knew you were dreaming while you were dreaming, then this would mean that you could have control of everything in your dream world. You would use your mind to make anything happen, and it would happen. You could begin to fly, bring back to life that car you crashed five years ago, or even become a famous singer with fans across the world lining up to hear you perform. In your dreams, anything is possible if you have control over your mind. So how is this any different from reality? How do you know that this very moment is not a dream right now? Dreams and reality both take place in your mind. Once you have control over your own mind, you have control of your world. You can make anything happen, just like in your dreams. If you can control your mind, you can control your dreams. If you can control your dreams, you can control your life. This is the first step in making your dreams a reality. Dreams are only a faint reflection of pieces of reality whether clear or distorted. Both are part of your existence and your mind. It is time to make your dreams come true through reality.

Believe in yourself

Before anyone will believe in you, you must believe in yourself. You have to honestly believe in yourself. This means that you must be doing something you love for you cannot truly and deeply believe in yourself if you aren’t doing what you love. There is a difference between believing in yourself and convincing yourself that you are doing what you love. This might sound crazy, but it is very common. Sometimes, it is so common that you aren’t even aware that you could be doing it right now. Why would someone have to convince themselves that what they are doing right now, is the thing that they love? Well one reason could be that you have family or friends who put a lot of pressure on you to make smart and logical decisions that result in a safe and sturdy future. You could be in banking right now and love your job dearly. If you are, then congratulations, you are part of a unique group of people who have found their passion in life. But, if you are in banking right now and you do not love your job, but you believe that it is the right thing to do, then you need to reevaluate your life. Have you had dreams of doing something completely different? You should begin planning a change in your life. This doe not have to be a drastic one at first because we do live in the real world and it is rather inconvenient to drop everything in your life. Just remember that people change careers several times in a lifetime. Why not strive towards something you have dreamed of being?

Becoming Famous: Music

There are many ways to be famous in the entertainment industry. You could be a singer, dancer, actor/actress, musician, comedian and many more other ways. The most common ways people want to achieve fame in the entertainment industry are either becoming n actor or actress, or a singer. In order to gain fame as a singer or musician, you must simply begin singing and playing wherever you are. Whether you live in a small town or a big city, begin to start singing everywhere you can. Start to contact any venues for gigs and performances. It is important to just get your own hometown familiar with your face first. You will next need to create a demo. Find a local recording studio to start recording your demos. Your demo will serve as a resume for the agent that you present it to. Studio time will not be free, but if you network well, and continue to perform throughout your city, then you might be able to work out a deal with a local studio. It will all be worth it because you need the demo to get the attention of an agent. Your next is to find an agent. An agent has all of the connections to get your gigs, and further music your career. Your agent will get a cut of all of the work that he or she gets you. After you get your agent, and are performing as frequently as you can, you may want to enter into some contests. Contests are a great way to get exposure and the chance at a record deal. Do as many as you can and remember to just keep performing because this is what you love to do.

Becoming Famous: Acting

If you are looking to become a famous actor or actress, then the first step you must take is to learn how to act. Many people believe that they can just go out to Hollywood and get discovered in a restaurant or walking down the street. You must have proper acting classes to backup your passion. Even all of the professionals who have been in dozens of blockbusters still need to take lessons to make them better actors. It is up to you to make yourself the best actor you can be by signing up for acting lessons of all kinds to get a broad knowledge of acting. Once you take some professional acting lessons, you will have a greater chance at getting work in places that work is mostly available. These places consist of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, as well as various places in Canada. There are other places that have potential acting work, but those are the top places. Move out to where the work is and attend as many casting calls as you can. Also it will be important to get a headshot. Once you get a professional headshot, you can send it in to casting agents along with a resume and cover letter. Be persistent and keep in touch with casting agents and directors. In this industry you must be determined and willing to sacrifice many hours to get work. You might start off with small parts at first but just keep acting and slowly working your way up to larger roles.

Becoming Famous: Write a book

If music and acting really isn’t your strong point, then why not write a book? You can write about pretty much anything spanning from fiction to non-fiction. Becoming an author is another way to gain fame, especially if your book does very well. First, you must make the decision to become dedicated. Writing a book takes a commitment in order to finish it. So you must find out what your subject will be. Figure out whether or not you will be writing a fiction or non-fiction book. Once you have your book idea, you can either begin to write a proposal for the book or actually start writing the book. Some new writers just go about writing the book but others like to create a proposal for their book first. A proposal is an outline of your book as well as some sample chapters that you will send to a publisher. Most of the time, non-fiction writers can sell their books through a proposal more than fiction. When it comes to writing the book, you must get into the habit of writing every single day. This will be the only way you will have the stamina to finish your book. Writing should be something you love. Or at least the topic you are writing about should be very important to you. Remember to keep in mind that you want people to read your book. This means that you have to find a particular audience and appeal to them. You will not be able to reach every reader out there so the sooner you find a target audience the sooner you will be able to have a more narrow focus with your book idea.

Becoming Famous: Internet fame

Internet fame is becoming more and more popular as computers and technology take over the lives of many people around the world. You may not be the singing type or even the book writing type. If you find yourself on the computer for most of your day surfing the internet, then you may want to consider becoming famous through the World Wide Web. You need to put your name out there. Get people to recognize you. There are a few ways to do this on the internet. You can start by creating a series on You Tube. There are a lot of people who put up a YouTube video which attracts a lot of attention. After they have their short fame, then it’s over and people move on to the next video. You can figure out what people are watching and create an entire series. Continue to put up videos so that you can create a fan base and keep them coming back. Treat this like any other television series. After your first video, if you do not get many viewers, then try moving on to a different idea. Now you do not have to make an entire sitcom to have a series. You can record whatever you like, just make sure you continue to put out videos. In addition to You Tube, you can also make a website or blog that you update daily. It is important to update close to everyday so that people know that you are a real person and can keep up with you. Make sure to be on as many social networks as you can. The more friends you have, the better. The internet is all about directing traffic to your sites.

One Life to Live

You only have one life to live, so begin living it now. As you get older, time will pass by and you will be left wondering where all the years went. Now, if you were granted another life to live after this current one, then perhaps you would have a second chance to do everything that you want to do. Since this is most likely not the case, it is imperative to just go for it now. Whether you want to be a famous dancer or motivational speaker, you have to make it your goal to get there. You need to research people who have made it to where you want to be. Figure out a plan and stick to it. You will love yourself for at least trying. You never know, you could be the next star. But you won’t know unless you try.

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