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How to Build a Good Reputation Online and Offline

Building a good reputation should be important to every human being. A good reputation can take you much further in life than you can go with a bad one. When you are seen as a good person, people will often go out of their way to help you, both in business and in life. By building a good reputation for yourself both online and offline, you can increase your happiness, your success and your quality of life.

Building a Good Reputation Online

Social Networking

Building a good reputation online begins with the content online that you make available to the public. While it is perfectly acceptable to have a personal Facebook page, it is not acceptable to talk badly about others on Facebook or any other social networking sites. When you say negative things about others, people will tend to think that you may say something bad about them, too. This causes them to stay away from you both socially and in the business world.

Another way to build a good reputation online is to be careful about posting photos of yourself and of others. You should only post photos which are tasteful. Photos which make another person look bad should never be posted online. If you post photos of yourself passed out drunk, be prepared for your potential future employer to see them when they are in the research process of interviewing you.


If you are involved in charitable organizations, you should try to promote them online. You can post links to the organization on social networking sites and try to convince others that they should do their part to help out the community. If you are helping out by sponsoring a local little league team, make a post about it and encourage others in the community to do the same.


If you own either a personal website or a business website, there are several things you can do to build a good reputation online. Respond to each and every comment left on your site. This builds trust and encourages your readers to interact with you. Write content for your site that helps others. If your content is good and you have great relationship with your readers, your reputation will soar.

Building a Good Reputation Offline

Building a good reputation offline is a great way to get your name out into the community and create a positive buzz about yourself. This begins by being honest in all personal and business relationships. Nothing can tarnish a reputation more than others thinking that you are a liar. When others see you as a liar, they will not trust you and they are likely to tell others not to trust you either.

Be Friendly

Make friends wherever you go. Be personable no matter where you are and engage others in conversation. If you have good conversation with a stranger, be sure to introduce yourself and hand them a business card. They will be left with a favorable impression of you and a way to contact you if they wish.

Support Your Community

Supporting your community both financially and with your time are fantastic ways to build a good reputation. When people need help, they should know that they can call on you to give it. Donating money or books to a local library is one way that you can help the community. Donating your time to build homes with Habitat for Humanity is wonderful to help out as well.

Have Good Morals

Hold yourself to high personal moral standards. Just think of all the politicians and celebrities who have ruined their careers by participating in prostitution or extra-marital affairs. These kinds of behaviors always result in getting caught. When people find that you are involved in activities that they consider to be immoral, your reputation may never recover. It will take a hit that could take years to rebuild.

Start Young

Building a reputation for yourself starts during your youth, whether you know it or not. You can begin to get a good reputation simply by respecting your elders when you are young or by carefully following instructions. A healthy respect for others should be carried on later in life. When people feel respected and honored, they will consider that you are a good guy who deserves his own respect. Even when you are just a kid and helping an old lady with her groceries, you will find that whenever your name is mentioned, a positive comment usually follows.

Have Good Business Practices

If you are shady in your business dealings, prepare for your reputation to take a hit. Bad news travels fast and if you are ripping people off in your business, people will start to talk. Angry customers spread your bad reputation by word of mouth and before you know it, your reputation can become badly damaged. Do your best to resolve business disputes and complaints. Go about it in a professional manner and never allow yourself to become angry or abusive with a client. If you have trouble with this, have a manager or other employee step in to negotiate with your customer. This is a much better alternative to losing your temper and tarnishing your reputation.

Do Something Good

You can quickly build a good reputation by doing something good for someone each and every day. This can be as simple as complimenting someone on their outfit or as huge as helping someone pay their mortgage. Even small acts will be remembered for years to come. If you do something nice each and every day, word will get around about what a great guy you are.

Be Humble

No matter how many nice things you do for others, if you have a big ego, your reputation will be a bad one. Constantly reminding others about what a generous person you are will have a negative effect on your reputation. Be humble about your activities and don’t brag. This make your actions even more positive.

Take Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself by maintaining good hygiene and dressing for success. If you are unkempt then others will think that you do not respect yourself. Take the time to keep yourself looking nice, neat and clean.

Take Care of Your Family

No matter how many good things you do for other people, if you do not take care of your own family, your reputation can turn bad quickly. Even if you have pressing business matters, missing your son’s baseball game will make you look like a loser to your family and to others in the community. You may think that no one will notice if you are not treating your wife with the proper respect and care. However, word gets around quickly when you mistreat your family. They should be the most important people in your life and should be treated as such.

Curb the Road Rage

If you have a problem with road rage, then you are going to have a problem with your reputation. Even in a large community, others will recognize you when you are screaming and behaving badly in traffic. Take care not to lose your temper while you are driving or especially when you are a passenger in someone else’s vehicle.

Let Go of Grudges

If you have negative feelings for someone, it’s best to grow up and let them go. Saying bad things about other people will only do you harm in the reputation department. Make your best effort to repair the relationship and move on. If the other person will not cooperate, resign yourself to the fact that you did your best and do not ever talk badly about them again.

Apologize for Mistakes

When you make a mistake or let your anger get the best of you, you should apologize immediately. Your apology should be true and heartfelt so that the person offended knows that you are sincere. If you feel that you have not done wrong, but the other person is offended, simply apologize for offending the person. It only takes a moment of your time, but can make a big impact on your reputation.

Everyone messes up from time to time, but only those who do not apologize for their mishaps will suffer in the reputation department.

Inspire Others

When you are truly a good person who does good deeds, you will likely inspire others to do the same. The simple acts of kindness that you perform can inspire others to create a better community around you. The more time you spend positively impacting others, the more that others will want to follow suit.

Remember, no matter what your reputation is, you are the one who has earned it. It takes a lot of time and energy to build a good reputation and only a matter of minutes to ruin one. You must take care in your daily life to do things which will only build up your reputation. If you concentrate on building up and helping others, your reputation with flourish and you will be seen as someone who is there to help and someone who can be trusted.

Live the best life that you can possibly live and your reputation will take care of itself.

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  • Chad Ian Lieberman October 15, 2012, 9:02 pm

    Reputation management does work. Although negative comments are pushed off the first page and still may be found on the second or third page. When I have a new client, before I charge them anything I will review the situation. I once had someone inquire about my services and the negative link they wanted to remove was from a major newspapers website. I told them it was most likely not going to be realistic to remove it from the first page and would not take the clients money.

    A lot of times the negative reviews come from sites that allow people to give negative reviews to businesses with no merit. I’m not going to mention them by name, but there are tons of them. When I review a individuals or companies situation if I know it can be pushed off the first page we will proceed.

    There is a trust factor when hiring a reputation management company. For example, when I’m hired I will need to create at least one or more email accounts for the client and create some new accounts on the net for the purpose of creating positive links in the place of the negative one. Any company that doesn’t ask for this, I would be suspect of. You have to create new accounts for the client to remove bad links.

    Another strategy that has to be discussed before any work is done, is what kind of links would be acceptable to use to replace the bad links. In short, reputation management does work and is extremely valuable because potential customers will run if they see negative reviews, regardless if they are truthful or not.

  • Matt January 29, 2013, 10:43 pm

    I’ve been waiting for this a long time.Having a internet is better than the personal relationships. For getting the right advice. Not to say my friends aren’t true they’ve. Just been burdened by problems themselves.This read is very good! !!!!

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